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Eradicate malnourishment and world hunger with sustainable farming.

What impact does Floatmeal bring to the world?

Water and Energy conservation

Our float farms recycle 90% of the water used due to our hydroponic vertical farming technologies and save land by utilizing 10sqm per unit.


Alternative Protein/functional food

Our superfood has 40g of protein per 100g with 13 times more protein yield than Soy.


Accessibility to nutrition

When we achieve economic scales and scope, we will be able to provide a discounted price of Floatmeal product to lower socioeconomic groups.

Domestic Job Creation

We require 1 year to meet our production target of over 180ton a year, therefore creating over 200 jobs in a fulfilling and sustainable environment in Hokkaido.

Global Job Creation

Our projected growth will allow Floatmeal to branch into a more diverse market, while increasing it’s employment capacity.

Plant based foods are less resource intensive than animal based foods. 



Land Use

Freshwater Consumption

GHG Emissions

Source: World resources institute

* original graph modified with duckweed research data

Compared with beef, Duckweed Wolffia can reduce 30X land usage, 10X water usage and 16X GHG emission.

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