What is duckweed Wolffia ?

World’s smallest flowering plant, Wolffia, also called water meal is a fully functional plant the size of a single sprinkle on your ice-cream sundae. It has a rich, crispy texture and is full of nutritional benefits including protein, vitamins and minerals. This gluten free, vegan and vegetarian friendly plant gives birth to a new baby plant every 24 hours. Making it also, the fastest growing plant with 13 times more protein yield than soya. Read more to learn about Wolffia as an excellent natural food resource of the future.

Why duckweed ?

Farm the FUTURE 

Wolffia can be grown in mass using little water, land and energy while resource intensive and environmentally susceptible plants such as soya may fail to supply the demand, we see duckweed as one of the most sustainable crops of the future. Duckweed Wolffia has been eaten for a long time in parts of the world but not until recently the amino acid compositions, human health benefits and growth promotion methods of duckweed has been known to mankind. We embrace this opportunity and believe that it is time for duckweed to make an impact towards sustainability of the earth.


Smallest plant,
Highest output

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Nutrient composition