Our Mission

Eradicate malnourishment and world hunger with environmentally sustainable farming

 A Superfood 

Duckweed Wolffia

Duckweed is a highly protein-rich food that has been historically consumed in many countries in Asia. Until recently, the consumption of duckweed has been confined to a small geographical location and local market. The potential of this small tiny plant is enormous both in terms of its environmental and social impact. This makes duckweed an important food for making change.

The Farming Method

based on unique technology


By  reinventing existing technology and our unique growing method, we can increase the yield of duckweed and adhere to a strict environmental and social goal set by our social enterprise. Our technology gives us a large competitive advantage that will aid us in making our much desired impact on farmers. 

Old Globe

How do we make impact ? 

1. Empowerment of local farmers using our technology
2. Creating a nutritious protein alternative for the world
3. Brandishing the image of duckweed

Our vision


employment opportunity to be created


lives to be impacted

1200 Giga tons

carbon emission to be reduced


house holds worth of drinking water to be saved